Thinking Of Replacing Windows?

Dont Replace Windows Without These Steps:

If you are considering a change of scenery when it comes to your home windows, you must consider many factors. Are you going to do it yourself? Probably not..

Are you going to pay premium prices to get great quality? Maybe but that depends on how many windows you need and what you can currently afford.

Home improvement projects are never cheap, and they are never as simple as we sometimes hope.

So below we will list things you MUST do before hiring a window contractor according to my nassau county replacement windows buddies in Hempstead Long Island.

1. Do Some research:

Question – Did you hear from a guy..who might know a guy who does windows?

That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Don’t make that mistake..please. You really want to make sure you are doing your due diligence, looked up some reviews, viewed previous works, and really dug a little into your search.

Do no be the person who picks the first company they see on Google and goes with them.


2. Get Various Quotes:

It may be a slight hassle to welcome multiple contractors into your home, but it could be very well worth it. You can shop around a bit, negotiate more effectively, and have the contractors bid for the job.

You want to get the best quality for the best price possible. Home improvement jobs can get super expensive, so if you can save a couple dollars, or get some extra things thrown in – you’re set!

3. Keep realistic expectations:

Your budget will really determine a lot when it comes to these projects. Not always will more expensive equal better quality, but unfortunately a lot of times it absolutely does. The better companies understand their worth, understand their profit margins, and charge you accordingly.

So come up with a realistic budget, work with the contractors you like to give you a price within that budget, and roll the dice.

The higher the better.

4. Develop Rapport with the company:

I like to build nice relationships with the companies that come to do work for me. And i do this because i always feel like it will allow for cheaper and greater opportunities in the future.

If i have small odd jobs, i give it to the same company. I keep providing them work so that they value me in the exact same way. One hand will feed the other and I think I will get a few things in the long run.

I tend to this more so with a local company, rather than a national brand as you tend to fall under the radar with the bigger companies. Local is good, you get to know them and who knows what the future holds.

As a business owner myself, this networking tip is crucial. Whether I do work for them, or their friends in business – it all tends to work out in the end.

So you are now equipped with 4 crucial tips to follow before hiring your next windows or (any) home remodeling contractor. Follow them and you should see great and positive results from your projects.

The tips in this article were graciously provided by my buddy Aaron and his windows company:

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